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About us

Lt*Rasmoon is a small Maine Coon cattery – at the moment we have only two females. Our cattery is registered in the international felinologist‘s federation „FIFe“ and belongs to Lithuanian felinologist association „Bubastė“.

Since early childhood I loved animals – I got my first cat when I was eight. When we lost her, at our home came a couple  of kittens – one of them, Princas, still lives with us. Later we bought a beagle Berta.

At that time I even didn‘t thought about having other cat – especially pedigree.

But I fell in love with Coons from the first look in one show – from the first moment I was charmed by them wild, giant look. Then I started to look for information and understood that their friendly, active and curious character is perfect for us.  So, finaly I started to look for  „the mine“ girl.
And after long waiting our dream lady arrived – it‘s Dina from Lithuanian cattery Baltic Wind.